Why one visit to TopKapi Palace will not do justice to it

Istanbul – the city of seven hills, the city where east meets west, where old meets new, where Europe meets Asia.

I could go on, but to cut the introduction of this intriguing city short, I have compiled the highlights of our visit to the TopKapi Palace in this post. From the beautiful and traditional Turkish tile art work with its geometrical and floral designs, the calligraphies in different styles, the Tugra signature of the Ottoman Empire (the then signature of the Sultan), wood work and architecture, here are my first attempts at digital photography back in 2005!

But wait, I must let you in on a secret: we only covered a part of the TopKapi Palace. This was a good 2-3 hours of “ah” “oh” “how beautiful” between its gardens, different yards, the reception hall, the circumcision room (!) and the museum of Islamic arts/monuments (where photography wasn’t allowed – at that time). We vowed to come back one day, so this is to be continued, hopefully soon (insh Allah- if God wills- as the Muslim says)

Top Kapi-: Entrance

Entrance of TopKapi Palace, also showing Tugra monomental used as signature by the Sultans of Ottman Period

TopKapi: Tile work

TopKapi: Beautiful tile work

TopKapi Tour

TopKapi tour with tile ornamental wall work and calligraphies like the “Basmala” at the top of the door

If I only could write as beautifully – sigh!

Decoration and Calligraphy at a water tank

Floral decoration and calligraphy at a fountain

Top Kapi 9

TopKapi: tile work and calligraphies


A gallery within the Top Kapi

One of the yards within the TopKapi

TopKapi: Decorations

Entrance to a room, beautfully decorated

Entrance to a room, beautifully decorated with calligraphies, tile work and wooden carvings

Decorations inside a room

Tilework and mother’s pearl inlays as wall decorations. If I am correct, this is the circumcision room.

Decorations and Calligraphies on the wall

Roof decorations of the reception hall

Seen at the entrance of the Haram of TopKapi

Seen at the entrance of the Haram of TopKapi

Topkapi gate with calligraphies

One of the gates (Baab) of TopKapi with calligraphies and the Tugra monument at the arch of the gate

to be continued, one day! Insha Allah!


One response to “Why one visit to TopKapi Palace will not do justice to it

  1. Its interesting to note how people get engrossed in different perspectives while travelling. This time around in Turkey (Istanbul, Anatolia, Izmir, etc) my passion was mainly local carpets. And on the first buy in Istanbul, i got nicely sniffed by a smart salesman at a carpet shop right near TopKapi. But that was a good lesson when i got from him my first kilm of the trip. Honestly i still lick the wounds from that impulse purchase:) Of course i went on to purchase a few more. But then i knew how to. Learning from harsh experiences.

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