Weekly Photo challenge/Golden hour: The Alhambra

The Alhambra of Granada has its name from Arabic roots, meaning red or crimson castle. The name is probably derived from the reddish walls (in Arabic:«qa’lat al-Hamra’» means red castle), which in sunlight are transformed to gold.

The Alhambra, Granada, in the Golden hour

The Alhambra, Granada, in the Golden hour

At a late afternoon, I suddenly had this impressive panorama of the Alhambra in front of me. Odds had me in a moving local bus to Albaycin– the historical Muslim/Arab quarters of Granada- and to Sacramento, the caves museums, so that I just had the opportunity to hold my breath and click away, hoping for at least one good picture. Withholding here any comments on the Spanish bus drivers ;)!

The Alhambra

Alhambra, Granada, Andalusia

Alhambra, Granada, Andalusia

consists of the Alcazaba (fortress) and an Alcázar (palace) as well as a small city. This wood and plaster complex (fairly impermanent materials-a sign of Moorish humility) has been much restored over the past one hundred years. Begun in 1238, it was the last refuge for Spanish Muslims on the Iberian peninsula. When the Catholic kings took over the complex, they did not destroy it, however planted a few buildings into its gardens. The castle of Charles V is placed above and infront of the Nasride palace, making the Nasride palace inconspicuous. Since 1984, it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Golden Hour of Photography

This photo is posted in this week’s photo challenge called the Golden Hour of photography. The golden hour in photography refers to the the two specific times each day when the light tends to appear very bright and create a golden cast to the landscape.

Our Tips

Visit to Alhambra is highly recommended. Do leave yourself enough time for the visit e.g. visit the Nasride palace (the main Moorish palace) on one day (at least 2-3 hrs) and the Gardens with the summer palace the next day (2-3 hrs).  

Be advised:

  1. Advance online ticket reservation is highly recommended (almost compulsory), because the number of visitors/day to the palaces are limited!
  2. Be punctual at the Nasride palace entrance. The time given on your Nasride palace ticket is for the  Nasride palace entrance and not to be confused with the main entrance from the gardens of the Alhambra! The walk from the main entrance of the gardens to the Nasride palace takes a good 20-30 minutes. They won’t let you in, if you are not at the gates of the Nasride palace within the 30 minutes of your time slot to enter the palace. Once you are in the palace, you can stay as long as you like!
  3. If you are getting your tickets online, access the preordered tickets well in advance! You should be able to draw your prebooked tickets from any branch of the La Caixa Bank with an ATM (see the details in the 2nd links below).

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