A night tour of the Alhambra Palace – intriguing, impressive and magical

Alhambra, a fascination

Alhambra by night

Alhambra by night

for its artwork and culture, to others for its history and architecture, the wealth of information hidden in its walls and gardens, the wealth of plants, mathematical equation holding its pillars and  how water is made omnipresent here, yes even flowing through the mudden handrails of the stairs.  Water and gardens remind of paradise, which is why you will find these elements in abundance in Muslim architecture.

Alhambra by night: Entrance

Alhambra by night: Entrance

And at night, this becomes even more encharming with subtle, yet focused light creating magic in its rooms and yards.

Night visit of the Alhambra Palace

When I saw this week’s photo challenge themed the “Masterpiece”, I knew, I would post pictures of the magnificent Alhambra, Andalusia, Spain.

And the “cherry on the top” of our visit was the beautiful night visit through the Nasride palace -the palace of the Moors of the Alhambra, Granada. Sharing here the pictures with you.

The night trips are offered separately after sunset. I loved walking through the palace again at night with the special lighting effects, spotlighting significant pieces of arts and calligraphy or figures of the moorish times/and or Reconquitsa, which I didn’t see during day time. And there was less hassle with fewer visitors. Tip: If is rainy, be advised to be dressed warm and dry, it can get very cold inside the castle!

More information on visiting the Alhambra, tours and tickets you can also read at one of my previous photo posts: Golden hour: The Alhambra.

Our Tips

Visit to Alhambra is highly recommended. Do leave yourself enough time for the visit e.g. visit the Nasride palace (the main Moorish palace) on one day (at least 2-3 hrs) and the Gardens with the summer palace the next day (2-3 hrs), starting at the Al Cazaba – the Towers with the awesome view over Granada, which can be done in a comfortable 2 hrs.

Should you do the night visit? Is it worth it?

  • I ‘d recommend doing both if you are a die-hard fan of the Moorish architecture and gardens and/or photographer. They compliment each other.
  • Otherwise I would choose only 1 of them – either very early in the morning, before the light becomes harsh for taking out-door pictures, Later afternoon, before sunset. Pro: good light for photography. Cons: tourist groups! Night tour (after sunset): beautiful inside lighting effect. Cons: no daytime photography of its courts

Be advised:

  1. Advance online ticket reservation is highly recommended (almost compulsory), because the number of visitors/day to the palaces are limited!
  2. Be punctual at the Nasride palace entrance. The time given on your Nasride palace ticket is for the  Nasride palace entrance and not to be confused with the main entrance from the gardens of the Alhambra! The walk from the main entrance of the gardens to the Nasride palace takes a good 20-30 minutes. They won’t let you in, if you are not at the gates of the Nasride palace within the 30 minutes of your time slot to enter the palace. Once you are in the palace, you can stay as long as you like!
  3. If you are getting your tickets online, access the preordered tickets well in advance! You should be able to draw your prebooked tickets from any branch of the La Caixa Bank with an ATM (see the details in the 2nd links below).

Reading tips:

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2 responses to “A night tour of the Alhambra Palace – intriguing, impressive and magical

    • They put in such a workmanship, it is awesome. To create this masterpiece, they didn’t shy back to get support from masters of other cultures and traditions too, complimenting each other!

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