The Great Mosque of Xi’an is completely Chinese in style

This post was written by Janaline and to me she has done a beautiful job, capturing all those beautiful pictures and telling us about the past and present of this mosque!

Janaline's world journey

After spending the morning exploring the famous XianCity wall we all headed to the Muslim quarter of this beautiful city. Here we got to explore the huge market and shop filled streets. As the starting point of the famous Silk Road, Xi’an attracted traders from the West since the 1st century BC. During the 8th century AD, Xi’an was the largest city in the world with over one million inhabitants, among which one third of them were foreigners. Walking past all these crafts I had to remind myself that every little thing adds weight to my backpack, otherwise I would have ended up buying loads of stuff. I couldn’t resist buying myself a fire red Chinese umbrella though. After getting lost in the winding alleyways we eventually stumbled upon the Great Mosque of Xian.

It is the oldest and one of the most renowned Mosques in the country, founded in…

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